Patriot Day Message 2014

Patriot Day

Patriots Day Message – September 11, 2014

On September 11, 2001, a bright autumn day was darkened by the worst attack on the American people in our history. Thousands of innocent men, women, and children perished when mighty towers collapsed in the heart of New York City and wreckage burned in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon. They were our family and friends, service members, and first responders — and the tragedy of their loss left pain that will never fade and scars our country will never forget.

Thirteen year later the world we live in is forever changed. As we mark the anniversary of September 11, we remember what remains the same: our character as a Nation, our faith in one another, and our legacy as a country strengthened by service and selflessness. In the spirit that moved rescue workers and firefighters to charge into darkness and danger that September morning, we see the same sense of moral responsibility that drove countless Americans to give of themselves in the months that followed. We offered our neighbors a hand and lined up to give blood. Some helped our Nation rebuild and recover long after the dust had settled by donating and volunteering and helping survivors who had borne so much. Others decided to serve our country by taking an oath of service in our armed services and vowing to protect our Nation by preventing another attack. A few of these brave souls chosen did not make it home but instead paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free.

Today, think about those heroes who stood up during one of our country’s darkest moments and became heroes keeping America the land of the free. Make a vow to never forget.

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