Navy SEAL Robert Guzzo

GuzzoNavy SEAL Robert Guzzo

Fallen: November 12, 2012
Navy SEAL Petty Officer Second Class Robert Guzzo of Portsmouth, RI was assigned to SEAL Team 5 and deployed to Ramadi Iraq during the peak of combat operations in 2006.  Rob was diagnosed with PTSD and after a long battle ended his life on Veteran’s Day 2012.

Remembering Rob:
Guzzo, as his close friends and family knew him, went “after it.”  He sought excitement, made it himself most of the time, and then relished in the telling of it.  He was captivating, someone who lit up the room and made us pay attention. He made us worry because he cared for others more than himself, but most of the time- he made us laugh.

Rob led a life of dedication to his family, friends, SEAL Team 5 and his country. He was the son of SEAL and Navy Lieutenant Commander.  He was a brother and a Dad.  Rob was born into the Navy in San Diego, by parents that instilled that sense of honor and pride in him. They both had careers that took them to places around the world and Rob saw first-hand the opportunities and long-lasting bonds that sustain military families.  They raised Rob to believe he could do anything and they made sure he succeeded.

Rob graduated from Portsmouth High School in 1997 where he also was a star linebacker on the football team. True-to-form, he drove his coaches crazy because his natural talent was far stronger than his patience for enduring endless hot summer practices. Rob just wanted to be in the game, he wanted the action.
Rob went on to State University of New York College at Cortland where he majored in political science and minored in entrepreneurial studies, meaning figuring out ways to get help writing his papers and scoring the most sought-after social invitations. He was a brother in the Beta Phi Epsilon fraternity. Rob was never short on ideas, passionate in his pursuit of a good time, and always about being in the action.

Upon graduation in 2000, Rob followed his destiny: Navy SEAL Team 5. He trained in Coronado California, and deployed to Iraq in 2006 where he served as a communications specialist. The brotherhood he found there, the missions, the sense of accomplishment – all shaped who he was to his core. Rob was awarded the Navy Commendation medal with Valor for his combat action in Iraq. He believed in what he fought for and he died trying to overcome the losses he encountered there.

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  1. Jim Fischella says:

    God bless Robert and the SEAL’s who defend and love America!!

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