Marine Lance Corporal Barton J. Carroll

Bart Carroll

Lance Corporal Barton J. Carroll

Fallen: July 4, 2002
Lance Corporal Barton J. Carroll of Portsmouth, RI was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Shortly after midnight on July 4, 2002, he stopped at a local gas station to get fuel and use the bathroom.  An individual followed him into the bathroom and shot him in the back, leaving his body and stealing his car.

Remembering Barton:
Barton Carroll was a 2001 graduate of Portsmouth High School.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps shortly after graduation.  For two years prior to that, Barton had been a member of the Newport Rifle Club Junior Team.  His coach remembers him as “just a great team player [that] brought out the best of the people around him.”

Another friend that was introduced to competition shooting by Barton recalls that “he was a good friend of mine [and wants] his legacy to live on.

13 Responses to Marine Lance Corporal Barton J. Carroll

  1. James Prete says:

    I served with LCpl. Bart Carrol served in the detail for his funeral. I was the only Marine in the company also from RI. I would like to be able to reach his loved ones. I would like to organize a group for the run and would like to ask them for their permission about a few things. Any help getting in contact with them would be much appreciated. My email is

  2. Lydia Carroll says:

    I am Bart’s youngest sister. For James and anyone that would like to get in contact with my family, my email is I haven’t had the chance yet to let my dad know about this yet or that people would like to contact him so I don’t want to just give his email out but I would be happy to hear from you and find out more about this run. I’d also be happy to convey any and all infomation to my dad

  3. Kristin says:

    Thank you so much James! I was his fiance when he was taken. I would LOVE to help organize and participate in any event in Barts memory. Feel free to email me anytime.

  4. sandra brosnahan says:

    yes i want one and would love to walk for him i was a classmate of his

  5. sandra brosnahan says:

    can someone please let me know when and were this is so i can attend thank you

  6. JC Carreira says:

    Bart was my bestfriend he and I would hang out often. He had such a passion for life. He knew how to make you smile. He was a great kid one I never had a problem coming to my house or taking along for a double date or something. He was respectful and genuine. He was a friend to anyone regardless of color race whether they were a geek a jock or otherwise. He taught me a lot about friendship. What it means to be a real friend. I remember his funeral all those who attended even those who bullied or put Bart down how they shed a tear for him and in some ways I held a bit of resentment torward them but I’ve since realized that Bart opened himself to everyone regardless of how you treated him he sought out the good in you and never judged you for your short comings. Even in the wake of his tragic passing he was still showing us how to be a better person. I will never be able to truly thank him for what he taught me I just hope that somewhere he is looking down upon all of us smiling and looking out for those who looked out for him. He will always be in my heart in my mind and I will always love him like a brother. Semper-Fi Bart !! We will meet again one day. —JC Carreira

  7. Jordan Baker says:

    sounds like a great idea. let me know the details. try to get up there for this if possible.

  8. Kristin says:

    It is Sept 27th at Colt State Park in Bristol, RI

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