Alphabetical Order

Veterans CemetryList of Our Rhode Island Heroes

This following list reflects our heroes who have ties to Rhode Island and have fallen during during combat in service to our country since September 11, 2001 or and have fallen serving our country since September 11, 2001 in alphabetical order:

Our goal is to ensure that we are honoring all of our fallen who have ties to Rhode Island.  If you feel that this list needs updating, please let contact us after reviewing our criteria here.

Specialist Michael Andrade, US Army

Captain Matthew August, US Army

Sergeant Gregory A. Belanger, US Army (Reserve)

Sergeant Charles T. Caldwell, US Army (National Guard)

Staff Sergeant Joseph Camara, US Army (National Guard)

Private First Class Brendon P. Carey, US Marine Corps

Lance Corporal Barton J. Carroll, US Marine Corps

Captain Christopher S. Cash, US Army (National Guard)

Corporal Holly A. Charette, US Marine Corps

Private First Class Kyle J. Coutu, US Marine Corps

2nd Lieutenant Matthew S. Coutu, US Army

Sergeant Shane Padriag Duffy, US Army

Sergeant Michael H. Ferschke, Jr., US Marine Corps

Master Sergeant Richard L. Ferguson, US Army

Sergeant Dennis J. Flanagan, US Army

Sergeant Michael T. Franklin, US Army

Petty Officer Third Class Ronald A. Gill Jr., US Coast Guard

SEAL Petty Officer Second Class Robert Guzzo, US Navy

Sergeant Moises Jazmin, US Army

Staff Sergeant Dale J. Kelly Jr., US Army (National Guard)

Specialist First Class Curtis Mancini, US Army (Reserve)

Staff Sergeant Timothy R. McGill, US Army (National Guard)

Master Sergeant P. Andrew McKenna Jr, US Army

Sergeant Michael F. Paranzino, US Army

Sergeant Matthew Scott Patton, US Army

Master Sergeant David L. Poirier, US Air Force

Sergeant Christopher S. Potts, US Army

Specialist Dennis C. Poulin, US Army

Major Timothy J. Rachiele, US Army

Captain Benjamin W. Sammis, US Marine Corps

Lance Corporal Nickolas D. Schiavoni, US Marine Corps

Lance Corporal Matthew K. Serio, US Marine Corps

Sergeant Brian R. StGermain, US Marine Corps

Chief Warrant Officer Five Sharon T. Swartworth, US Army

Lance Corporal Abraham Tarwoe, US Marine Corps

Lieutenant Junior Grade Francis L. Toner IV, US Navy

Lance Corporal John J. Van Gyzen IV, US Marine Corps

Lance Corporal Eric P. Valdepeñas, US Marine Corps

Master Sergeant Andre Wallace, US Army (National Guard)

Sergeant Dennis P. Weichel Jr, US Army (National Guard)

Sergeant Michael R. Weidemann, US Army

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