Female toy's? Type,categories and characterstics of female sex toys.Best female massager of masturbators.

Female toy's characteristic

Female toy's characteristic

Female Sex Toys are especially for women for the masturbation and to enhance the sexual play, same like male has male toys. If you are searching for the best female toys or lesbian toys, then here are some characteristics that you should consider while choosing the one.

Your female sex toys should be waterproof. So you can use in shower or in bath tab too. Your female toy should be multi functional means gives level of vibration. So you can start with the low level of vibration and can gradually increase the vibration level. Your female toys should be easy to on off. So when you feel satisfied or hesitation, you easily off it for the some relaxation.

It is good, if your female toys is USB chargeable. You can instant charge it whenever you will arouse or something like that. There are varieties of sex toys with different material are available like silicone, rubber, plastic, etc. You should go with your comfortable material, but make sure manufacturer use high quality material.

Female toy's category

Female toy's category

The major categories In the female toys are below:


Dildo is rubber made phallus object that women use for penetration when their partner is not there. Dildo can be realistic or non realistic. Women enjoy the real penis pleasure with the correct dildo. The beginner women may go with the small size dildo or experience with medium or large. the strap on dildo is included in female toy too. Basically it is couple toy can used by both partner.


It is electronic phallus like object. Vibrators gives level of vibration during stimulation. It is also part of gay toy. Men, women, lesbian ,gay can use vibrators for the sexual arousal and sexual excitement.


Massagers has large type pd toy that can used in external sex stimulation as well as stimulation of all body part. Couples use it for relaxation too. Massagers can be rechargeable or non-chargeable.

Anal toys & butt plug:

Such toys are used to penetrate the anus and enjoy the anal pleasure. Butt plugs are available in many material and in many sizes. Material like metal, glass, rubber, silicone etc. It is couples toy, men can also use it in the sexual intercourse for the P-spot pleasure.

Using female toy

Using female toy

Find your female toy that fulfill your sexual desire for the alone masturbation time or with partner. If you find the one start penetration. The recombination is ,insert female toy step by step means you should start with little insertion then gradually increase. Remember,before penetrating apply a good quality of lubricant on the female toy as well as on genital too.

The caution point for using the female toys are:

If your female toy is made by silicone, avoid the silicone based lubricant. It may damage your toy or hurt you. If your female toy is vibrating, check its battery that batteries ids working properly or not. Wash every time when use the female toy. Place female toy at dry place and away from the direct sunlight. Never insert forcefully, your body require time to accept the female toy.